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Without The Hassle You Might Expect

The concrete around our homes – driveways, patios, pool decks, and sidewalks – should enhance our quality of life. But when it cracks, settles, or becomes uneven, suddenly you can be forced to deal with issues such as pooling water, uneven surfaces, and potentially dangerous trip hazards. And cracked concrete just plain looks bad, lowering the value of your home.

Our Solution

Thanks to the latest technology and techniques, C.A.R.E. Concrete Solutions can lift, level, seal and protect concrete, so that it looks great and works as it should for years into the future. This not only helps maintain your home’s value, but also improves your quality of life and, most importantly, restores your peace of mind.

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When concrete slabs crack and sink due to soil compaction or wash-out, they not only turn your once-new driveway, patio, pool deck or sidewalk into an eyesore, they can also create potentially dangerous tripping hazards. So, what’s the best approach to fixing cracked and sunken concrete?

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Cracked concrete happens when part of a concrete slab breaks and sinks into underlying soil that has compressed or washed away. These cracks aren’t just unsightly, they offer moisture a way to seep beneath the slab. This can cause the underlying soil to soften or even wash away completely. This, in turn, can cause the slab to crack further as it sinks into the void left by the washed-away soil.

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Whether you’ve just built a brand-new home, updated your existing home with new concrete, or just want to extend the life of your existing driveway, patio or sidewalk, it makes sense to protect your investment by protecting your concrete. You could buy a do-it-yourself solution at your local big-box store, but application is messy, and it has to be reapplied every few years, which can get expensive. Plus, it likely won’t be compatible with new concrete.

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